Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Here are five examples of different web based presentations that make use of free web tools. None of them have anything to do with math. What I'd like you to pay attention to is the way the presentation is given; the style. You can copy a style that you like or mix and match styles to create your own style.

Example #1
In our first class you saw the Did You Know? presentation. It was made entirely in PowerPoint. The audio file (music) is embeded in the PowerPoint file. There is a command in PowerPoint, under the [File] menu called "Make Movie." Once you've done that you can get it online by uploading it to YouTube or Google Video.

Here's an example of another presentation made the same way, by the same guy (Karl Fisch). It's called What If?.

If you do go with a PowerPoint presentation you really have to see this. One of the two best PowerPoint presentations I've ever seen. (Here's the other one. You need to have Flash installed on your computer to watch it. It's a free download.)

And, as a last word about PowerPoint, this is a PowerPoint presentation on how to give a good PowerPoint presentation. It was created by a friend of mine from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It's called: PowerPoint: Extreme Makeover Edition ...

Example #2
This next example is a presentation that I have given a couple of times. It's called Whiplash! It's on a wiki. I gave the presentation live and the wiki just held links to the things I wanted to talk about.

At the bottom of each page of the wiki is a link to an audio file. I recorded the audio of each presentation I gave so people could come back afterwards and "relive" it. It has grown into something that many people, who I have never met, use to learn different web based tools. Click on the link to the audio file (open it in a separate window) and then follow the presentation by clicking on the links to follow along as you listen at your own pace.

Example #3
coming soon ...

Example #4
The Flat Classroom Project is the wiki I was telling you about in class. Two computer science classes (Grade 10 in Camila, Georgia and grade 11 in Dhaka, Bangladesh) got together to produce this wiki. They had all read the book The World is Flat by Thomas Freedman and each group of 2-3 students had to put together an informative wiki page that explained a different part of the book. They had to discuss how the ideas in the book were making real changes in the business world and in education.

Example #5
This is a presentation from an online conference that happened in October/November 2006. It's all about how to use different (free) tools on the web. What's particularly interesting is that each of the 5 sections of the presentation highlights a different tool ... and uses that tool to give the presentation. This is one of the coolest online presentations I've ever seen.

“I Did Not Know You Could do THAT with Free Web Tools”

Here is the wiki I told you about that lists links to a whole bunch of free web tools you can use to create your presentations.

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