Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well we're at the end of our matrices unit. I was confused and lost at the beginning of the unit, but now it all makes sense. When we first started, I felt that adding and subtracting matrices was quite easy, then when we started to multiply matrices, and when we started to work with transitions matrices I was STUCK. But as our class worked together and asked questions, I started to get the hang of those transition matrices. And I LOVED how honest my classmates were when we didn't understand something.

Mr. K : Am I making sense to you guys? Or should I run that by you again?
Students: Nope!! We don't get it. Run that by us again.

Well now that I understand the things that we're doing I hope I get a good mark on this test. I really want to do well in this course. Okay. BYE BYE!!!

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