Thursday, February 22, 2007


On Thursday, February 22, 2007, we started the class with learning the history of Probabilities.(refer to slides)

Things you MUST write in your MATH DICTIONARY. (refer to slides)
Terms you should know...
Theoretical Probability
Binomial Experiment & Probability

As the slides are a great source to refer to, here is one of the example that we have gone through...

In a family of 3, what is the probability that 2 of the children will be girls. Using a tree diagram we can determine the outcome by...

Also in class we covered, what sources we can go or use to generate random numbers to help figure out the probability. One of the sources we used was...

A. which represents the TOTAL number of people, items, objects, ect.
B. which represents one type of ________ you are trying to find out
C. which represents another type of _______ you are trying to find out
D. which represents the amount of ______ you are studying

in the case of the example above, we entered this...

120 which represents the TOTAL number of Kids
1 which represents: Boy
2 which represents: Girl
40 which represents the # of families

Another way of figuring the same information above, is by entering the information in your TI-83 calculator. visit this page, it may help you understand computing binomial probability.

Mr. K always say that "MATHAMATICS IS SOMETHING TO SOMETHING PATTERN," and in saying that we also branched off on to Pathways & Pascal's Triangle and finding patterns. Paterns that was made were.. (can't really explain, need to get a clean blank triangle thing, ill get that at class.)

Congrats to...
who will be the scribe for Friday. February 23, 2007

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