Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 16, 2007

During our Friday class Mr. K inroduced to us the smartboard, then we had a pre-test in the morning & we were group into 4 & compared each others answer in the group. Then in the afternoon class Mr. K gave us some problem to solve. Obviously Mr.K didn't gave us any new lesson so im just going to solve one problem from the h.w. review from the book pg.89 #5.

- A young entrepreneur decides he will sell tank tops, short-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, and sweatshirts. The table below shows the cost to produce each item.


c. Determine the total projected costs.
-> [T] [S.] =

-> then add those two #'s to get the total cost.
-> 10606.25+1850 = 12456.25
-> so the total cost is $12456.25


gOoD lUcK gUys On tHe tEsT!.... :D

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