Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Feb. 6, 2007, Ivy's Scribe Post

Hello...Everybody... Ivy is here to be your class scribe for today (I just got off from work I'm sorry I will post my blog next time pretty on time).

Well, anyone who missed Applied Math 40S, Feb. 6, 2007. Here is your hope to know what happened.

Mr. K introduced us The Matrix unit, and read the following as I explain everything.

The definition of Matrix is an array of numbers or letters with dimensions, that can be organize to add, subtract and multiply. Also Matrix can't be add or subtract if they have different dimensions. We also name a Matrix by it's own rows and columns.

There are also two different type of Matrix; a Rectangular and a Square.

A Rectangular Matrix has a different rows and columns.
example. 3 x 4 or 3 x 2

A Square Matrix has the same dimensions.
example. 4 x 4 or 5 x 5

Mr. K also showed us an example of a Matrix. He also told us to look for patterns, Can you find one? Try to look for patterns before reading bellow.

The First Student saw the patterns of a Diagonal Zeros. It means in this type of Matrix it is counting by distance so Brandon cannot travel to Brandon, because it is in the same place no point of traveling.

The Second Student saw the mirror like of the matrix by triangular.

The Third Student saw in every city either row or columns it says the same thing.

Later on. Mr. K gave us another Matrix and compare the Matrix above and the Matrix below.

The difference of these two Matrices are:

- This is a Rectangular Matrix
- This Matrix has a 3 x 4 dimensions
- This Matrix has no Contex

- This is a Square Matrix
- This Matrix has a 5 x 5 dimensions
- This Matrix has a Contex

After comparing the two Matrices Mr. showed us this;

Later on...He challeged us to look for these elements in the following Matrices above. Try it!

Hint. To find an element. Look at the picture.

The answers are:

Plus he got another challenges: To add and Subtract it.

Yet he got another challege.

Hint. if you see a scalar always multiply that number to the matrix beside it.

Ok...That's it for Feb. 6, 2007 class. The scribe for tomorrow is Kristel.


  1. Hi Ivy,

    Thanks for the explanation of matrixes. When you asked me to stop and find the patterns before continuing,when you suggested I compare, and when you gave hints--all that contributed to my understanding of the topic!

    Nicely done,

  2. Lani's right Ivy. You've done a really beautiful job here. Well done. ;-)