Sunday, February 11, 2007


When we started learning about Matrix Multiplication I think it was on Wednesday's third period class, I thought i was a little intimidating at frist. I was a little confused about how we were supposed to do it and what were the restrictions when doing it. But I think after doing some questions and doing the "fingering" method, i really got the hang of it. When we first learned about the addition and subraction in matrices, I thought it would be a breeze because there was less work and next to no restrictions, but I think that we've all got our work cut out for us in this particular area of the unit. One thing that I thought was cool so far in this unit, was the decoding and encoding. I think that it's the coolest things as of now, because it is a part of the unit and very educational and at the same time it's fun to decode and encode messages. I didn't know what exactly to blog on, so I sort of just jotted down a few thoughts. I hope someone else blogs as well, i'm really looking forward to hearing someone else's input on the unit so far. K, bye! - Grace

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