Monday, February 12, 2007

BOB; Ivy; Matrices

Well, this unit was fun and I think this is only the unit in Applied Math that I can understand because the rest it's pretty confusing but anyways. I think I can do okay on our Matrices Test; Hopefully. Matrices was pretty fun doing the code, the multiplication, adding, subtracting, connectivity, but the transition matrix I kind of get it I'm 80 percent sure...I just need more practices and understand each different method how to do it, whether population, weather, sports or diseases. It's just freaking me out when Mr. K was telling us in our class that we actually use a little bit of probability, because seriously "I NEED HELP UNDERSTANDING PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS" I'm pretty low of understanding when it gets to that, but hopefully my second time in AM40s will be better for me. Okay that's it.

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