Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Friday Febuary 9th

Some things that were talked about before we got assigned work were; Blog before tests on what you are having troubles with and Mr. Kuropatwa will assist what ever way he can to help you understand better and get a good grasp of the topic. He wants you to feel free to e-mail him about anything we go over in class that your stuck with as well.

PoP QuIz On MaTrIcIeS! We did various questions on matrices. Some examples questions were as follows: Are the following Matricies possible or not possible?

[A] [B] [C]

311 21 32

021 01 01

101 32 21

3x3 2x2 2x2

A+C_______. Answer Not possible. You can't multiply The matrix unless the the rows match up with the column of what you are multiplying.

[B][C]_____. Possible. the 2x2 matrix matches up with the 2x2 matrix so the two are compatible.

C+B____. Possible. again because the 2x2 matrix matches the 2x2 matrix.

Shorty after we marked the quiz we were assigned numbers 1-5 to gather into groups to work on a complex matrix assignment to crack coding and decoding matrices. It was asked that we enter these into our handy dandy calculators as it makes it way easier. These codes gave a set of values for the letter and codes we needed to crack. Next class we are asked to have the cracked code to read out in class, and also do the homework assigned online.


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