Monday, April 23, 2007

Vectors; April 20, 2007

Vectors; April 20, 2007.
By Ivy S.

April 20th is Friday and we only had one class. Some of us were confused about the Thursday problem that Mr. K gave us before he left. You know what would Mr. K do; he will go over it with us......but he thought us something, he told us about "The fish."
We all learned something. I actually forgot the line but basically the point that Mr. K was telling us to teach our selves. Teach ourselves because we can actually understand it better than waiting for the answers. Understand it better because it is better to find the answer for yourself than depending.

OK! begin lets this.....This is our problem on Thursday that
some students are confused.

And we have two different answers & two reasons how we got those.

The first one:

This is how some of my classmates got their answers. They explained that it doesn't matter where to put the vectors because you can move the vectors around, but they didn't actually move it. Sure do this answer looks good but sorry for disappointing the readers this is not the answer some of my classmates had this little misunderstanding.

The Second One:

sooo... readers.. can you see the difference? Well if you compare the two you will see the resultant vectors are different. Even if you say it can't be because these vectors have the same angle and magnitude. They do but what about the direction? what about how to relate it to the problem?

Here how it goes.