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Scribe August,23,07

My apologies for those who were'nt in class yesterday for posting my scribe late, my network connection was acting up again. Well here it is. Yesterday we started our class with a suprise quiz. Heres a recap on the quiz.

These were the five ways in which a vectors direction can be stated. Some of us had a little bit trouble with this because we got confused. The confusion was having a degree with either "west of south" or "south of west", because those two are different directions.

For this question, we had to use exact measurement since it is asking for a scale drawing. we use our calculator if it asks to calculate the vectors.
*Remember* Dont forget to indicate a scale. It represents your measurement.
Part A is drawn that way because it states that it is East 15 degrees. Therefore we place the protractor upside down with the zero line on the horizontal line of the "T" scale( I forgot what it was called lol). We then measure the down from zero since it is also stated that it is South.
Part B is similar to part a except the direction is not given instead we were given a bearing.
We then start to measure the angle by starting at North working your way around the protractor until it is 300 degrees.

These questions were new to us. I think this was the first time we were given questions lke these.The first question we just added the vectors since they are both east meaning pointing the same direction. Speaking of direction, the second question is different. The answer is 1 meter west because a vector is going 3 meters east and another one at 4 meters west. Unlike the first one we added the same direction, for this one we subtract.

In the afternoon period, we had another quiz. This quiz was more on problem solving.
On this question we moved one vector to make this question easier. By moving the vector we can easily construct the resultant vector making it easier to find missing angles by looking for the "Z". When we have three information about the triangle, we then use our program in our calculator called Trisolve and punch in these information. By doing this, the calculator solves the rest of the missing info about the triangle.

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