Thursday, April 26, 2007


Oh my, this month flew right by, just like this unit. So now we have come to the end of the unit "vectors". I wasn't sure what to expect in this unit whether it was to be difficult or quite easy, but now i realize it was a little bit of both. The two quizzes we did the other day really explain my understanding of the unit. The morning quiz, which had scalar diagrams, definitions etc was no problem I understood that stuff very well. The afternoons quiz was okay I'm good with word problems as long as I don't have to move the vectors, once that comes along to me it becomes confusing. That's were I seem to have a problem, also sometimes I know when I'm supposed to use the program on the calculator and other times I'm not to sure. But i do like drawing the pictures/diagrams with the measurement's and angles it ends up being quite fun.I don't know about some parts of the unit but hopefully there won't be too many questions about the stuff I have a hard time with. I hope I do well on the unit test, I need to boost up my mark. Good luck everyone!


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