Tuesday, April 24, 2007



A ship needs to travel in the direction of 40°. The ship has a speed of 20 Knots in still water. A current of 6 Knots at 360° is pushing the ship. Determine the direction the ship needs to be headed, and the magnitude of the ship's resultant velocity.


First you have to understand what each vector means and where to put it.

Then you plug in the angles and sides what you already know

The vectors form a letter "z" so the angles correspond with one another.

You then plug in your answers into the calculator

Calculator Functions:

  • Go to your TRISOLVE2 program in your calculator

  • Enter angle AB as 120°

  • Enter side A as 6

  • Enter side B as 20

  • Press 3 to solve

You will then end up with this:

Plug in the answers to your original diagram. Your diagram should look something like this

You then subtract 44.941° from 20° to calculate the bearing which is your final answer!


Anyway i hoped that helped everyone understand this problem a little better! The next scribe is JOWELL

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