Wednesday, April 11, 2007


OK... so statistics... Well before i start i would like to say sorry if i haven't been up here or anywhere else like the DEV blog thing.. my computer is sick so i had to kidnap my grandma today and force her to bring me home with her so i can use hers... so i can BOB.. YA bob..
So i guess the first thing i would like to say about STATISTICS is that it has frustrated me more than once this term and that I am glad it is almost over.. One thing i noticed was that it was really difficult going through it once with the class and Mr.k. For a while i thought i could possibly fail this unit. The thing that i noticed though was that when i went though it a second time ( on my spare time of course) from the beginning of chapter to the end, it was so much easier because i already had the knowledge that Mr.k had already gave us in my mind. The text book gave me that extra little push into the "I-know-what-I-am-doing-now" zone. I still believe i might have some problems, this isn't an extra easy unit. But the text book helped.. its great to know its not just a paper weight AND it taught me some neat things. Like how i knew that you should clear the Lists and turn off the Y plots when you shade norm. So that's my little blurb about statistics.. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TEST!!!

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