Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scribe Wednesday, April.18/07

Well here's the scribe for Wednesday, April.18/07 sorry it's a little late but I had work today and my Internet decided not to publish my written scribe twice, so maybe the third times the charm.

First off we talked about a collaboration project with a grade 9 computer class in New York City for our D.E.V projects. We would get the content done the problems as well as their solutions and send it over to our partners in New York. They would then make it as some would say "look Pretty" but you are responsible for telling them what you want, keeping in touch with them and making suggestions after all you will be marked on their work too. If you choose to participate in this a one week extension on your project will be given. The dilemma is Mr.K needed to know by today, but as we all noticed in class everyone has chosen I believe to do their D.E.V projects independently.

We also learned how to make a Wiki, the one thing we thought was quite complicated but in reality wasn't.
Here are the steps:
1. First go to
2. Then choose a wiki name (example. and type your e-mail address.
3. Next wait for an e-mail to be sent to your account, in that e-mail there will be a link click on it and enter the information provided
- Don't use your last name just your last initial
- click "educational" as purpose
- and accept their terms
That's about it short and sweet, you know have a wiki:)

We then continued onto yesterday's topic of word problems with vectors.

Next we moved onto a dictionary slide, showing the different ways to name a vector entitled "General Notation for a Vector". Also a vector can be named with two V's (VV) as well. Then the secondary slide which is also a dictionary slide shows the definitions for Equivalent Vectors, Opposite Vectors, and The Zero Vector.

Then we moved onto the next slide.

Well ladies and gentlemen thats all for me today.
The next scribe will be...KyLe

Bye, Bye

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