Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today was the last day of our second unit, Probability. In the beginning of class, Mr. K reminded us about Pi Day which is on March 14. This lead to discussing about the party on that day. PARTY!!!!!. Everyone is then going to bring their own pies to share to the whole class....oh...and milk.

Later on, we continued our questions and we left off yesterday. Here are the reviews with some explanations
question: The probabilty that Tony will move to Winnipeg is 2/9, and the probability he will marry Angelina if he moves to Winnipeg is 9/20. The probability that he will marry Angelina if he does not move to Winnipeg is 1/20. Draw a tree diagramm to show all outcomes.

That is how we can construct a diagram with information from the question.

the next question is...

=What is the probability that Tony will move to winnipeg and marry Angelina.

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