Thursday, March 8, 2007

Proability Review

Hey everyone its tennyson in the house.Ok left just start by talking about what we did during class.

In the morning we didn't do much,Mr.K was explaining the assignment that we had to due.Which was :
-4 math questions (can be anything that we learned)
-answer & explain solution.

This project has a flexable and resting time for the due date. It can be done anytime.But be smart about it because testes and exam can get in the way, so it's better to be done earlier.

also this project can be done in any unique way.We were talking about using audio,slides,screen videos,and more.....

In the afternoon, we got into practicing questions in groups.

here are the questions:
Design an experiment using the random number function of your calculator to determine the probability of passing a six- question multiple choice test if you guess all the answers. Each question has four answers,and one answer is correct in each case.How many simulations would seem reasonable? What is the experimental proability of getting at least 50% on the test?

That is our first solution:

That is our second solution:

The different answers we got in class:

One more thing remeber this question is asking for the "expermental prob."
answer what it askes you ,not what it doesn't ask.
The last question that we did is:
As your birthday approaches you are looking for ways to make money so you can buy a used car.Currently you earn $10 a week for doing chores around the house.

Your parents realize that you are trying to save up,and offer you the following deal. You can either be paid the $10, or you can pull two bills, and a $10 bill. For example, you might pull out a $1 bill followed by $5 bill,and earn only $6. Or you might pull out the $10 bill followed by a $5 bill and earn $15.
If you were given this option every week, what would be better for you to do i nthe long run? Is pulling tow bills from the paper bag a great way to make money? Be sure to give complete explanation of how you found your answer.

Here is the answer

If Calculate the total for the bag it in 10 weeks is $82
the total for $10 in 10 weeks is 100.
you're better off with $10
Well thats it guyz by3

NExt scribe is Al Andrei

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