Wednesday, March 7, 2007


When Mr. k told us that the next unit was going to be on Probabilities, I was like "OH MAN".... I knew that this unit was going to be hard. I didn't really get this unit right away. I had trouble with the equations used to solve problems. I didn't which one was the one for a particular question. The questions were also kind of hard to understand sometimes. It almost seems like its a tricky question. Today's class cleared the blurr in my head. I can now use the right equations to solve problems, thanks group2!!. The people in my group help me understand the problems I had, now only if i can go back in time to when we had the quiz. Other people wrote that the pre-test will help them on the test on Thursday, well..same goes for me. Good luck!!...Oh yeah..anyone know our next unit...

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