Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friday, March 9

Hey everyone, in our Friday's class, we started out with a 20 minutes pre-test for our upcoming Probability Test on Tuesday.
After the pre-test, the class was separated into 4 groups for us to share and discuss our answers to our group members.
Then we were asked to hand in one test paper per group with all the group members name on it.
Right after that, Mr.K. showed us the correct answers on the Smart Board.

Here is one of the questions we had on our test:

5 a...

and here is 5 b,c, and d...

To see the four other questions we did, please refer to the slides from March 9.
That's it for me... the next scribe is... jOweLL


  1. Al, your videos are "private" so we can't watch them. To change this login to,

    click on [My Account]
    then [My Videos]
    click on the [Edit Video Info] button next to each video.

    Scroll down to Sharing, make it "public" and allow commenting and all the other stuff there; then we'll be able to watch them.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the videos. ;-)

  2. Awesome videos!

    I think this post should be in The Scribe Post Hall of Fame.

    Meaningful use of colour and good pacing. You're also the first scribe to ever use video. They weren't too long and the large text was easy to read. The graphics at the beginning helped to make them visually interesting.

    I really enjoyed reading & watching this scribe post.

  3. Al, this is my first opportunity to post to the class blog, and what a post to respond to. You have set the bar very high for anyone else to follow. Your videos are excellent. I've been teaching for fifteen years and your recap of problem five was thorough, easy to understand, and incredibly well presented. I hate to make my first comment a nomination for the scribe hall of fame but....I'm going to do it anyway. Great Job!

  4. Hi al andrei,

    I'd like to add my "Hall of Fame" worthy!

    The videos caught my attention, were perfectly paced, were clear, and enhanced my understanding!

    Congratulations on your creativity!

  5. Al, can you please, please tell me how you made your videos. I would love to make some, too.

    Great job.

  6. I made those videos on Windows Movie Maker, but I made the diagrams on paint. Then I uploaded them on youtube... ~(_8(])

    Thanks for all your comments to my scribe post... 8 )