Monday, May 28, 2007

Scribe, May 23,24 and 25

Hello everyone sorry I forgot I was scribe I know bad, this will be the scribe for Wednesday, May 23, Thursday May24 and Friday May 25.

On May 23 and 24 we got two booklets in which we were supposed to work on independently for a new unit of Design and measurement. Basically the whole unit was summarized in these two booklets but Mr.K wasn't there and we had kind of a hard time recalling this methods because it's been so long.

On Friday, when Mr K came back there was really no talk about the unit we had done while he was away. He started off by reviewing what we had done so far in periodic functions ( the slides from the past classes) and reminded us that our exam was only about 19 days away.
In slide 1 we looked at putting all the information we had done so far to a problem.

Sorry I'll finish up later my pictures don't want to work

The next scribe Is........I think were starting a new cycle

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