Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28

Today was a double period:

First period we reviewed for our test by doing some problems in groups. Question 1 as shown in the slides introduced some words that i have never heard of. First of all there were the words Perigee and Apogree;

Perigee means the closest point to something.
Apogree means the furthest point from something.

The equation given to answer the first question was

The first question asked "How does it take for the spaceship to go around the earth."

- To answer this you are trying to find the period or (B)

- The next question was "What are the distances at the Perigree and the Apogree?"

To find the distance for the Perigree you take D-A or 550-450 = 100

To find the distance for the Apogree you take D+A or 550+450 = 1000

Question 2 is explained in the slides posted from today.

Period 2

We did our per-test.

The test is on Wednesday people and we start our final unit tomorrow.

The next scribe is Jowell.

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