Friday, February 16, 2007

How do YOU want to learn?

This is another remix of the Did You Know? video we saw at the beginning of the semester. Its interesting to see how different people remix similar (or the same) information ...

I could give you lots of reasons why I think collaborating with another class online is a good idea. I've shared some of my thinking with you in class. All I'm going to say here is: keep this video in mind ... and the title of this post.

Share your thoughts about how you feel and what you think about working with the folks in Mr. Maks class here in the comments to this post ... and if any students from Mr. Maks class drop in on this post feel free to add your comments here as well. ;-)


  1. I think this project is going to be pretty interesting. Doing this project is going to give us different views on the same things that we are learning. It is also going to be fun to try and interact with our partners, but it is going to be a little hard by not being able to see them.


  2. i think this project is going to be interesting like what kyle said. The only thing im kinna scared of is what my partner thinks of me. Im not really talking about personality, how nice you are and stuff, more on if they think im "too dumb" or something like that. Most likely there probably thinking the same things. So i guess its nothing really to worry about. I know ill try my best to do a great job especially since im working with a partner and i wouldnt want to let them down. It'll be a fun/new experience. hehe.

    Donna <3

  3. When Mr. K. told us about this project, my first thought was that this will be hard for us and for the other class that we'll be doing it with.. but this is an interesting one like kyle and donna said.. it might be hard but we'll learn and try something new.. doing a project this way is new to me.. but through this project, we can also help others if they don't underestand something.. i'm looking forward to this project.. =D

  4. Hey guys...Hope you're warm down there in the city...Mr. K, once again, thanks for some inspiration this morning (first time I've seen that remix…actually sort of makes wish I was a student again, instead of the teacher…)

    Anyway, I read the comments made by Kyle, Donna, and Kristel, and I must admit that I’m sure that your reservations are our reservations. Fear of the unknown is human nature…It’s like when you walked into Mr. K’s class for the very first time by yourself, you probably sat in the back row (like my students), and ideally in a corner. It’s not bad, it’s just instinct. ..And since we’re aware of our tendencies, we can overcome some of them if we plan carefully, and decide that there’s a good reason to do what we may do (whatever it’s going to look like this semester)….For what it’s worth, I’m a little cautious myself, but I think opportunities like this can only shrink the world a bit for all of us, and making some relevant educational connections (and maybe a friend or two) can never be a bad idea.

    Stay optimistic, and like Mr. K says, Learn Hard!

    Later, folks,
    Mr. Maksymchuk

  5. well talking with my friends in our class in swan they its a cool way of expanding our learning boundaries. Like there are some business that do huge jobs together even though they are on two different continents. At least with us we're in the same province. In my point of view it's a great way to prepare for future communication technologies. I am actually looking forward to trying it out!!