Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well I figured I would BOB about the sequences and the design and measurement "tests". I don't know what it is about Design and measurement but it does not make me nervous, sometimes I do well on it other times I don't. Its pretty easy as long as you know how to find area, perimeter, surface area, etc as well as knowing your metric systems. The only thing I didn't like about the unit is that it was so fast and we never really got a chance to go over much of it as a class until the assessment came about. But it helped!:)
For some reason I understood sequences at the beginning of the unit when we started talking about it lots, but once we got past the the find the nth term I started to get confused. Once that happened I started to question my abilities in the unit I understood it but didn't at the same time I didn't. Maybe because its the end of the year and eberythings getting"CRAZY", with all the different assignments and stress about the provincials. Well we'll see what happens On the provincial I really want to do well.
-Britt <3

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